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Kenmore Refrigerator 106.57034601 not defrosting - how to force defrost cycle


Apr 27, 2022
The entire defrost system consists of three parts, the defrost heater, the defrost thermostat, and the defrost control board.

If the defrost thermostat and the heater are good, the defrost control board is bad.

To get into defrost test mode try option #1 first. If that doesn't work try option #2

Option #1
Unplug the refrigerator for a minimum of 30 seconds
Turn the cold control to the off position, then restore power.

Option #2
Turn the cold control OFF for 15 seconds, ON for 5 seconds, OFF for 15 seconds, ON for 5 seconds, OFF for 15 seconds, ON for 5 seconds, Turn the control OFF.

Test Mode:
In 3-8 seconds the control will turn on the defrost heater for 21 minutes or until the defrost thermostat opens

To terminate the test early remove power from the machine.

When the machine enters test mode, listen to the relays on the defrost control board. If the relay clicks once, check for an open heater. If the relay clicks twice, check for an open defrost thermostat.
I have a Kenmore 106.57034601 and I did test 2 and I heard it click twice but the clicks sounded different so how would I check for open thermostat
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You ohm test the defrost thermostat, this is how we ohm test the defrost thermostat, read below.

Here's the multimeter I use:
Multimeter DM10T

You can get a multimeter at any hardware store too.

You would need to ohm test the defrost thermostat for continuity while its still covered in frost. Unplug your refrigerator first! If the defrost thermostat goes into the quick disconnect electrical connecter, just unsnap that quick disconnector and ohm test it in that quick disconnect electrical connecter. Its very easy, just follow the wires back from it, should be the PINK wire and BROWN wire, then put your meter probes in each of the two wires in the electrical connecter and see if the meter numbers move. Set the meter on the lowest ohms of resistance.

If the defrost thermostat is not frosty, you can still test it in a cup of ice water, watch the video below. You'd need to keep the defrost thermostat in the cup of ice water at least 5 minutes before ohm testing it.

Here's your (bi-metal)defrost thermostat for your model:
WPW10225581 Defrost Thermostat

Watch this video to ohm test your defrost thermostat if yours is NOT frosty:


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