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FIXED Kenmore Refrigerator Model 596.72383411 Icemaker Internal Water Leak


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Oct 25, 2022
Salem NH
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
6-10 years
When the ice maker calls for water it drips inside the refrigerator at the seam on the inside refrigerator ceiling.

Leak started several months ago as a slight seepage and is now turned into a pretty good faucet when the ice maker calls for ice. As soon as it stops calling for water the leak stops but during the call for ice it's like a waterfall . Also the ice cubes have got smaller and smaller since less water is making it to the actual cube maker itself.

We keep a small pan in that to catch what leaks but it's now overflowing within a few calls for water as the leak has gotten worse.

It's definitely an internal part but not sure which one it could be or how to get at it..... any help would be appreciated.

Unit was bought new in 2016




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Hi Rick,

You will need to remove the ice maker and check for obstructions in it and see if its leaking from the ice maker itself.

Here's the ice maker for your model: Icemaker W11577195

Watch this video to remove it:

Ok Rick, sounds good. Let us know how it goes.

Hi Jake,


Just received the ice maker yesterday and will attempt the install this week.

To be continued....

Hi Jake,

I installed the ice maker today.

It was pretty straightforward however unfortunately that was not the problem. Upon running the wires back in the trough for the ice maker the water line snapped where it goes into the black grommet.

Further inspection of the water line showed that it was brittle from the heating element that is laid over it to prevent freezing of the line going into the ice maker.

I was able to free it up from the grommet and clean up the end of the water line to where it was not brittle and use some silicone with tie wraps and think it'll be good now.

The ice maker didn't look all that great that came out so I'm glad I put the new one in anyway.

Thanks for your help!

Ok Rick, sounds good. Glad you found that issue as well.(y)

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