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FIXED Kenmore Series 70 - drum is tilting to the back left.

Eric Borchert

Premium Member
Oct 5, 2015
McHenry County, IL
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Good morning Jake,

Our Series 70 washer has been "walking" our laundry room floor for years but recently it is being accompanied with loud banging. I opened the lid with no load and noticed that the drum leans to the back left corner of the washer. When I bypass the lid latch with a screwdriver and start a spin cycle, I see that the drum wants to lean to that corner and I can hear some banging from the underside of the washer. If I hold my hand so drum is perfectly vertical, the banging stops and the washer spins normally.

What should I look for and/or what needs to be replaced?

Hi Eric,

That's quite odd, its NOT leaning towards the front?

There is a counter balance spring in the back left corner, but when that one comes off or breaks the tub leans towards the front.

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Watch this video below to check this spring anyways, also if this spring is fine, and while you have the cabinet off, check your other smaller springs around the suspension to see if one of those broke.


Here's the other smaller springs around the suspension:
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Here's the video for these:


Let us know what you find.

Well Jake, it was a suspension spring. Once I removed the shell, I saw the spring clip and spring laying on the floor. I was able to re-insert the clip and attach the spring. Testing it now. So far, so good. Thanks for the video links.

Good find Eric, sounds like your back in business.:)


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