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Kenmore Series 80 Dryer – Ignites at start-up, then runs for about 10 seconds, then flame goes out


Jul 20, 2014
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
6-10 years
Have never had any prior issues with this dryer, only repair I ever needed to make was to replace a worn-out belt.

The issue I’m having now is when you hit the start button the blower comes right on, you can hear the burner fire-up. The burner will continue to run for about 10 seconds then the fire goes out but the drum keeps turning and the blower keeps going. If I open the dryer door to stop the dryer, I can then restart the dryer and the burner will ignite again and then run for about 10 seconds, then the flame will go out again. I can repeat this process as many times as I like and I’ll get the same results.

I’ve already made sure the Lint Trap was free and clear, and I’ve done the same with the exhaust hose and thru-wall vent. I have also removed the rear panel from the Dryer and removed the inner Lint Trap Duct to made sure it was free and clear also.

While the rear panel was off the dryer I repeated the same steps as above. I hit the start button, the blower comes right on, I can see the flames and hear the burner fire-up. The burner ran for about 10 seconds then the fire went out and the drum kept turning and the blower kept going. The behavior is always the same no matter if I have the Dryer set to High, Medium and Low Heat settings.

Don't know if it matters but my Dryer has been converted to run on Liquid Propane.

Any suggestions for what I should look at next?


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Aug 24, 2004
McMullen Valley, Arizona