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Kenmore upright freezer 253.29111990 Freezer door seal leaking air


Jun 14, 2022
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
More than 10 years
I have a Kenmore upright freezer model number 253.29111990
I guess it is 15 plus years old, it was in the house when I moved in. It has worked great since I have had it.
Recently I discovered the door seal was leaking air (excessive frost inside starting to turn to ice)
The door seal was leaking at the upper right and lower left corners.
I replaced the seal and now the door doesn't seal on the left (handle) side at all. The top, bottom and right(hinge) sides seal though. Is there any way to correct this?? (The inner panel is not cracked or broken anywhere and all of the screws are present)

Dan O.

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Oct 9, 2004
Ontario, Canada
- Some gaskets only have magnets on 3-sides. The side without magnets goes on the hinge side as it will compress more easily to allow the door to close. Check if maybe the gasket was installed upside down and the handle side is the side with the missing magnet in error.

- Recheck the installation. If a portion wasn't mounted quite correctly it could cause the door to stay ajar.

- When the inner and outer door panels are fastened together, it takes its permanent shape. If the door was crooked when those screws were tightened, the door will keep that shape. The door has to be held straight as the screws are tightened to it retains a straight shape.

- If the hinge side gasket isn't compressing enough to let the door close fully, kneading the gasket on that side with a cloth soaked in hot water, it could soften it up and allow it to compress more. (Be very careful if you try a heat gun instead.)

LINK > Gasket Replacement Tips

Dan O.
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