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Kenmore Washer 110.28002011 Won't Spin


Premium Member
May 25, 2022
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
6-10 years
Washed a load of clothes, everything was fine. A few days later tried to wash another load, machine made it to the drain / spin cycle but wouldn't drain or spin. Pulled Code from machine and it gave me F5 / E1. Door switch fault. Replaced the Switch, now it shows F0 / E0 which is no errors, yet machine will not start up. Door latch locks, you can hear it click and light doesn't flash. Goes to sensing, hums for a second, then stops and lid lock light flashes. I've reset the codes and still the exact same result. Motor, Drum all spin freely by hand, belt is in great shape with no cracks or breaks. Seems like the motor wants to do it's job, but nothing actually happens when it's told to. Any thoughts?
I seriously want to blow this thing up. lol Replaced lid switch, still same problem. Replaced Control board, then throws a code for the shifter not working. Replaced that and still tells me that there's a problem with the basket speed sensor. Checked all of the wires, none appear burned, clips all in place correctly. Still won't work. Not sure what else to do. Is it possible the Harness is bad??

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