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FIXED Kenmore Washer 110.44832200 spins slow


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Aug 31, 2021
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
6-10 years
I have a Kenmore 110.44832200 HE3 Clothes. I thought the clothes were done but when I pulled them out they were extremely wet.
1. I cleaned the filter (nothing concerning)
2. I removed the large black drain hose to the drum (nothing obstructing)
3. I removed the hose to the pump (pump spins freely, nothing concerning)
4. Entered Diagnostic Mode (Spun really fast "normal) and didn't throw any error codes.
5. It fills with water, agitates normal, drains normal, and spins normal in Diagnostics Mode with no error codes
5 put the clothes back in and ran it and the spin speed ran slow again.

Anyone have any Idea what I could check next. I'm at a loss of what could be wrong.
Does the tub seem to bounce too much with a load in it?

Its possibly the shocks that's causing this WHEN a load is in it.

The shocks do not have a lot of resistance on them. They should move fairly easy on the unit, but should not be very loose. They shouldn't be bottoming out or leaking any grease/oil. Also for any cracks in the shocks plastic casing as well.

Here's the shock absorbers for your model:
Shock Absorber WP8182703

If the shocks are good, then its either the outer tub bearing has gone bad or the inner tub spider support arm is cracked or broken. Only way to know is to take the inner tub out and see.

Here's the inner tub assembly for your model which includes the spider arm supports:
Inner Tub WPW10250573

Video Included in part link.

Here's the rear outer tub assembly(includes bearing already installed) for your model:
Rear Drum with Bearing W10772617

Video Included in part link.
Update Monday 20 March 2023....I inspected the shocks, they are fine, the drum spins freely with zero noise or restrictions. I ran the diagnostic mode again, with no issues it spun at least at 1000rpm. I then ran a very light load 1 sweatshirt and 2 socks. It worked perfectly until the 10 minute mark. The machine would spin slow and the pump would come on every 30 seconds and repeated this multiple times over 5 minutes but the clock stayed on 10 minutes. There was no more water in the tank but the pump would come on like there was. I believe the machine "thinks" there's water in it and after about 5 minutes it finally started to count down minutes but never spun fast at all until it got to the 6 minute mark and the machine shut off on its own. It never went into High speed mode, heck it never even got to medium speed.

I've seen where some door switches are bad and the machine will never go into high speed mode because it doesn't recognize the door being shut (not sure if this unit has that feature but I did test the door contact switch (not the lock) and it was functioning, but I didn't know how to test the other 2 electrical connections on the door switch (one goes to a soleniod (sp)) (one goes to the contacts that lock the door)I assume the soleniod gets activated then it triggers the door to lock.

Is there a sensor that lets the machine know if water is still in it? Could it be the water pressure switch? (I didn't think that because the water fills and that switch does it's job by shutting off the water when pressure builds up in the drum (and the water shuts off)

I'm thinking of buying aftermarket door switch for 20 bucks and try that, but would love to get some advice before I waste 20 bucks. It's certainly not worth buying either the MCU or CCU board....the price isn't worth it for this unit but any advice is greatly appreciated.
I've seen where some door switches are bad and the machine will never go into high speed mode because it doesn't recognize the door being shut (not sure if this unit has that feature but I did test the door contact switch (not the lock) and it was functioning
No, that's not the case on your model, that's just for the older Frigidaire models. Your Kenmore 110 is made by Whirlpool.

Now you do have access panel switches, read this thread:
Your model uses those exact same parts as his.
Thanks for the information. Switches are functional, but my son discovered what we think is the issue. When running a normal load and during the 10 Minute mark again, the drum "should" spin fast but it only spins slow. By mere accident, he put his had under the pump and pulled up on it and for some reason the drum started to spin fast. If he stopped pulling up the pump would spin slow again. He did this multiple times and every time he pulled up on the pump the drum would start to spin fast and as soon as he released it it would slow down. Very strange. He bought a new pump and it's supposed to be here today. We will toss it in and see if that was the problem. It's odd too because the pump was seemingly working fine and had discharged the water when it should.
WOW, that is interesting, never seen that happen before. Hopefully the new drain pump fixes it, let us know if you could please.

Here's the drain pump for your model:
280187 Washer Drain Pump Assembly
Jake, just got done putting in the new pump. It worked!!!!!! I have no idea why a pump that seemed to work would prevent the tub from spinning at medium and high speeds but putting in a new pump did the job. I was also surprised when my son found the manual on this unit and found it to be 20 years old. Didn't think it was that old, but it has done well.
Excellent, glad to hear the new drain pump fixed it.(y)

Thanks for the update!

You have a Good Son.:)
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