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Kenmore washer parts for sale


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Jan 14, 2013
I took apart my Kenmore 417.44102300 front load washer apart 2 weeks ago, and I have all internal parts for sale. Most of the parts will work with other brands, so inquire.

I still have the outer metal shell, but the shipping cost will be too much for those individually; if you live in Miami and are interested, let me know. The washer worked until 2 weeks ago when I discovered a broken spider arm on the back of the inner tub. It made noise, but worked perfectly well. I've got the motor, pump, knobs, glass door, detergent tray, drain hose, and many others.

I plan to list them in ebay to widen the exposure. You can check out my feedback (ebay user nabril15) and quickly learn that I will not scam you. We decided to get a bigger and new washer instead of repair, and I simply want to offset some of that cost; the Kenmore worked fine and everything I took out is in good working and cosmetic condition. I can send you pictures of the part.

email me at 4norman@gmail if interested in something specific.
I still have a lot of items remaining for sale from this washer. Ask away.

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