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Kenmore Washer still shaking after new OEM suspension rods. 110.25132411


May 13, 2023
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
6-10 years
I replaced the suspension rods with OEM from Repair Clinic as suggested in a previous post, but the washer is still shaking violently... Maybe not as much as before the new suspension rods but... not good. I double checked all were seated properly and that the drum bounces right back into place, recalibrated the machine, and it is still banging around. Any thoughts?
Here's the OEM suspension rods for your model:
W11130362 Suspension spring kit

Without clothes in the washer on spin does the tub bang the sides of the washer cabinet?

Here's another thread about this problem:
I'd check your hub next.

Your model uses the exact same hub:
W10528947 Hub

Here's a video to access/replace it:

--->Look at these photos below of the hub teeth grinded down to smooth. It should NOT be grinded down to smooth.

Let us know what you find.

If your having trouble getting the washplate off, read below.

Here's the washplate(aka agitator impeller) for your model:
W10752285 Washplate

Watch this video below, he uses 2 pull hook tools to get it off:

To remove the inner tub:
You will need a lot of force to pull it out, or have someone help you pull it out. OR use a jack and 20" 2x 4.

Watch this video below, he shows you how with a jack and 20" 2x 4.



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