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Kenmore Window Unit 253.77185410 Heater wont cycle off. Now won't heat.


Feb 22, 2021
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
6-10 years
I have a 5-6 year old kenmore window heat and air unit that the heat is failing to cycle off. It has done this twice now after I went to bed and I woke up to a very hot house. After doing this for the second time and being shut off for 24 hours, now the unit won't heat up. I always run my heater on 65-67 degrees. I take it out and clean it every summer with the foam coil cleaner. And I always clean the front filter when the light comes on. Any clue what might be wrong with it?
Its either the PC Board heater relay that's sticking closed keeping the heater ON all the time, or heating element grounded out, thus doing the same.

Since you say its not heating at all now--->I would disconnect power to the window unit and ohm test the heating element for continuity first, or remove the heating element and see if you notice any breaks in the heating element coil wire.

Here's the PC Board for your model:

Here's the heating element assembly for your model:
5304472338 Heater Assembly

I have a similar problem with the same model. In turning on the AC unit, it starts to cool for a bit, then switches to the heater. Not sure how to resolve? I tried to create a new post on the matter, but it show I do not have privileges to do so.. Would appreciate some advice.

Same thing with yours, likely that relay is sticking or malfunctioning on the PC Board.

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