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KERC607GBT0 Kitchenaid Oven Touch Glass Broke


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Aug 18, 2020
Clearwater, FL
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More than 10 years
Last night a glass bottle of olive oil fell from the cabinets onto the top of the oven. It shattered the touch glass circuit board. Everything seems to work, it still responds to touch, but the glass is shattered and coming off. I think the actual board is fine.

I need help finding the replacement! Do I need to replace the whole circuit board, or is the glass separate and I can just replace that? Can this part even be found? The Matching microwave says 1998 so I assume the oven is as well. It is SUCH a nice oven, it came with the house, so I'd love to repair it. But I'm having troubles.

I have attached pictures to help, especially since the last few on the model number are hard to read.

This may be it.. It says White but shows black: 9782418CB

But still not sure if it is compatible.


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