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KFCP22EXMP5 Both compartments were not working this am


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Jun 16, 2018
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1-5 years
Both the freezer and fridge were not working. I could hear what sounded like a fan, not a compressor. I made the mistake of turning down the fridge temp about 5 degrees before I read in the manual "No more than 1 degree every 24 hours." I turned the unit off and then back on. No change. We vacuumed the compressor as best we could. I think just the freezer started to work and the fridge temp kept slowly rising. I then decided to leave the unit off for about 15 minutes. When I turned it back on it started to cool down.

Could a dirty (not very dirty - 3 years old, no pets) compressor cause this ? I would appreciate any clues as to what happened and is it likely to happen again.

Thanks for ANY insights.

This is what your owners manual says about condenser cleaning below.

There is no need for routine condenser cleaning in normal home operating environments. If the environment is particularly greasy or dusty, or there is significant pet traffic in the home, the condenser should be cleaned every 2 to 3 months to ensure maximum efficiency.

If you need to clean the condenser:
■ Remove the base grille.
■ Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush to clean the grille, the open areas behind the grille and the front surface area of the condenser.
■ Replace the base grille when finished.

You may have another problem if its still not cooling properly. How is it doing now?

Make sure the condenser fan is running when the compressor is running. The condenser fan motor sits next to your compressor.

Both temperatures were normal this morning (0 deg. and 37 deg.). I am not sure what to do now. Get repairman or just wait. What do you think ?
I'd say just keep your eye on it and see what happens.

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