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KFIS25XVMS1 KitchenAid not cooling at all, and display lights up all blue


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Apr 6, 2017
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6-10 years
Hello everyone, first time posting.
After trying to vaccum out liquid from the tray beneath the fridge, my wife noticed the fridge was no longer cooling at all. Upon inspection, I also saw the front display quickly worsen from visible text at first to only a fully blue lit screen when you press any button. What I can share is that I do know that the interior fridge light still comes on, the compressor and the fan at the bottom still operate when isolated and given 120v and the main board has120v at the connector.
Im wondering is this a faulty mb or is the display screen/ display board unit also dead? Technician on the phone wants $300 for diagnose and install labour. If both parts are bad, my research says the replacement cost is around $400. Any diagnostic assistance you can provide is truly appreciated.

Thanks in advance
It sounds like just the main board is the problem:
WPW10310240 Board-Hv Control Iceland
Thanks, I really hope so. I suppose you're feeling that once the main board is good, the screen will operate properly and that it's unlikely that both boards would go?
That's correct, Communication voltage and operating voltage for the display board comes from the main board. In your first post you said, " the compressor and the fan at the bottom still operate when isolated and given 120v." That tells me that the compressor and condensor fan motor is not energized. They get their supply voltage from the main board and do not go through the dispenser board. If you purchase a part through a link on this site and it doesn't fix the problem, you can return it for a full refund less shipping. I would say the main board is definitely bad. The display board could also be bad but that would be extremely rare for both boards to fail at the same time.
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