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KFIV29PCMS0 KitchenAid Refrigerator - Evap fan not working during normal operations

Mr. Stagecoach

Premium Member
Apr 28, 2023
Palm Springs ca
Model Number
1-5 years
kitchen aid model KFIV29PCMS0. Found unit is not cooling. Verified fresh food side Evap fan not working. Ok, easy fix right ? Reached the Evap fan and put unit into a self test. Evap fan turns on. Um. Ok. I performed test 4 when the compressor kicks on while switching from rc to fc with the fans turning on. Everything works under the self test.

So I then check the thermistors to verify which one is out of spec. Couldn’t find one out of spec. I tested them two times just to be sure. Has anyone else seen this before? What other inputs are needed for the control, to send power to the fresh side Evap fan? Any help would be appreciated.
Hi, Your missing the last digit in your model number. Read it from the model number tag located inside the refrigerator section on the upper walls or ceiling.


Usually the problem when this issue happens is the control board.

Here's the control board for KFIV29PCMS00:
That control board is no longer available new.

Here's the control board for KFIV29PCMS01: Cntrl-Elec W10878992

Here's the main control board for KFIV29PCMS02 and KFIV29PCMS03:
Control Board WPW10589837
Is the evaporator fan motor working this morning? Sometimes there is a small delay before it comes on after you replace the control board.

If its still not running, but runs in test mode I don't know what else could be causing it.

You can contact KitchenAid to come out at 800-422-1230, then the KA tech can call the FACTORY HOTLINE from your house to investigate this problem if he/she doesn't know either.

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