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KFIV29PCMS02 KitchenAid French door fridge ice maker is making ice but it seems to be melting in the door container


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Aug 7, 2022
Colmesneil, Texas
I have the same issue. Ice maker is making ice, but ice is melting after dispensed.

Model # KFIV29PCMS02

Replaced ice maker two weeks ago. I now have ice, but it's melting.

Service Test #36 - 01 (fan immediately kicks on).

Freezer did 'freeze up' after I installed the new ice maker. I had to get a blow dryer and defrost the entire back of the freezer. Checked evaporator fan. It is working.

Refrigerator temperature seems to be good. And freezer is keeping foods frozen.
Service Test - 36 Ice Box Fan
--->Check for fan operation. Control Ice Box Fan using SW3. Display the status on Temp Display.
(01 = ON, 02 = OFF). Verify air flow from the IB fan.

Here's the ice box fan motor for your model:
W10846539 Fan

See the ice maker door in this video above his head? The air should be blowing in there.

If the ice box fan intermittently kicks on, its possibly bad.

I'm attaching the tech data sheet for your model below. You will need a multimeter to do voltage checks. Then get access to the Ice Box Fan and check for 14 Volts DC across any of the 3 wires while in Service Test 36 with the fan ON . If the voltage is correct then your Ice Box Fan is bad and you will need to order it.



  • Tech Sheet - W10591246 - Rev A.pdf
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Thanks so much! I'll give that a try this week. I thought...because the fan kicked on when I ran test 36...that it was working. But maybe it is only working intermittently.

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