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Kitchen Aid Dishwasher KDTM404ESS0 warped heating element


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Apr 2, 2021
Model Number
1-5 years
I was just given this KA KDTM404ESS0 dishwasher. It had a warped heating element. Element is too high in one place and the bottom wash arm hits it. Replacing the element appears rather simple. But I wonder what is the cause of the original disfiguring of the element. Would this be a problem with the thermostat being defective and allowing it to get too hot? Anything else I should look for? Thanks in advance!
They all warp a little over time with use. Some more than others. If it got too hot that might cause it but the thermostat should catch it first. They don't normally fail closed. Anything's possible.

Here's the heating element for your model:
Heating Element Assembly W10703867

Its in-stock here:
Could I measure voltage/amperage of element when heating up? But I don't know what that number is supposed to be.
Element was replaced and seems to be Ok. Not sure if bottom wash arm is spinning. Any ideas on troubleshooting that? And thanks for great help and response!!
Not sure if bottom wash arm is spinning.
Open the door after the wash cycle starts. Note the position of the spray arm then close the door for a couple seconds. Open the door and if the arm moved from the original position it's turning.

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