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Kitchen Aid Refrigerator KRFF707ESS01 compressor won't turn on

Jul 22, 2022
North Carolina
Model Number
1-5 years
I am a local appliance repair man I have recently gotten a kitchen aid 5 door model number KRFF707ESS01and I've been having some head scratchers with it I plug it in and it turns on and off and you hear a clicking.the first thing I did was replace the power supply control bored on the top. After replacing it does the same thing I figured out I can unplug two wires on the main control bored and get the screen on the refrigerator door and the fan in the fridge to come on but the condenser fan motor won't come on.the compressor won't turn on but the bored on it flashes green. I also can't get any of the led lights to come on. I tried unplugging the pantry drawer computer to see if it acted any different but it didn't I also inspected the pantry drawer wiring harness and found nothing wrong.


Appliance Tech - Admin
Staff member
Aug 24, 2004
Vicksburg Junction, Arizona
.the compressor won't turn on but the bored on it flashes green.
How many times in a row is it blinking?

The inverter performs a self diagnostic check at the beginning of each cooling cycle. An LED on the inverter blinks a code to signal a failure.

LED off - No failure detected
LED blinks twice - 3-6 VDC not detected from control board.
LED blinks 3 times - Inverter failure - Replace inverter
LED blinks 4 times - Compressor failure- Replace compressor and inverter

Here's the compressor inverter for your model:

The LED is here:

Here's the main board for your model: W10843055

Let us know the results.

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