Kitchenaid compactor Centrifugal switch


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Sep 25, 2007
Lafayette Louisiana
I'm trying to replace the Centrifugal switch on my trash compactor. Kitchenaid model# KUCC151L SS The orignal part # 777971 was discontinued and the replacement part PS386831 seems to be wired a little different. I'm trying to follow the instructions but I'm a little confused. I have the motor hooked up and I'm trying to hook up the wire harness. I'm down to 3 wires left on the harness, an orange, a blue and a heavy guage black. On the instructions it says " connect orange/black lead (if present ) to terminal O/BK. There is an upper and a lower post on O/BK does one color go on upper post and one on lower post? If so which one? On the old part all motor connections went on lower terminals and all wire harness leads went on upper terminals. The instructions show the Blue is to hook up to #2 terminal. There is a jumper wire on the upper #2 terminal ( which the old switch didn't have ) so do I hook it up to the lower terminal?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.