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Kitchenaid Dishwasher Door Gasket Problems


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Jan 2, 2012
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Less than 1 year
Kitchenaid KUDS35FXWH4
We are having a continuing problem with the door gasket on this dishwasher. Here is our history:
1. Dishwasher installed 12/29/2011.
2. 6/15/12 Door gasket replaced due to water leaking from the bottom of the door- door gasket was warped along mostly the top and left side of the cabinet and bent forward and towards the top of the cabinet in about 3 places - each one about one inch long. Water was leaking mostly through one of these bent gasket places onto the top of the door edge and down the side of the door and onto our floor. Whirlpool tech replaced the door gasket, but installed it backwards. I realized this after he left and installed it properly. I called Whirlpool and made them send out a new door gasket and tech to replace the gasket properly.
3. 8/14/12 Dishwasher leaking again same as above and gasket warped again.Whirlpool sent out higher level tech from contracted repair service (not Whirlpool tech). This tech said gasket was installed wrong and he replaced the door gasket again.
4. 10/8/12 Dishwasher leaking again same as above and gasket warped again. Contract tech sent out again with an inner door frame saying he had seen this in a newsletter as having solved similar problem. Tech looked at warped door gasket and said it wasn't the frame. He called Whirlpool engineering for advice. Whirlpool engineering told him to replace gasket again and to send old one in for analysis.
5. 10/16/12 I called Whirlpool customer service to see if there was any answer from engineering about the problem...no word from engineering. I asked what are they going to do about this problem since the door is more than likely going to leak again. All they could say is that since it is not leaking at this time(not yet), the only thing they could do is give us a 6 months extension on our warranty.
So, my questions is has anyone seen this problem before or have any advice? Note also that this leak has caused the door latch area of the cabinet to rust from the water leaking in that area.


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Oct 10, 2004
Ontario, Canada

has anyone seen this problem before

Nope, also couldn't find any service updates for that either.

or have any advice

Probably would be a good idea to recheck the install!
Maybe do the inner door panal at the same time as the gasket since something is making go out of place/alingment.