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FIXED KitchenAid Dishwasher KDTE404DSP0 - Starts and Stops Wash Repeatedly


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Aug 20, 2017
New Jersey
Model Number
6-10 years
Kitchenaid dishwasher model KDTE404DSP0 is about 6 years old. When starting a wash cycle it drains normally and then starts the wash. But after the water fills, it runs for about six seconds then stops, after four seconds the touch panel lights go off (sounds like a relay clicks as well), after two seconds the touch panel lights come back on, and after six seconds it starts to run again for another six seconds. This keeps repeating over and over. It actually does finish washing after a very long time. Has anyone seen this issue?

Ok, I think i found the issue which is the same problem I had five years ago with a slightly different symptom. I disconnected the two wires to the vent fan inside the door, and it is now running normally. I will get that replacement part again and update if that permanently solved it.
Sorry, we must of missed your thread by accident.

You are exactly spot on! Your model has the problematic door vent that can cause this problem you are having.

For others following your thread--->Do this first--->Disconnect all the wire connectors to your door vent and see if it runs through a complete cycle.

--->Start reading what bigbuck said at post#18 here:

Your model uses the exact same door vent. If it runs through a complete cycle and everything is back to normal, then order and replace the door vent assembly.

Here it is for your model you can order:
WPW10469574 Vent

For others following your thread--->To access the vent assembly you will need a T-15 torx screwdriver: Remove 4 screws (long) across top of door, then remove 10 screws (short) on the sides, then the outer door panel pulls off.

Let us know how it goes after you replace the door vent.

Excellent, @daehreppans glad to hear that.(y)

Thanks for the update!


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