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FIXED Kitchenaid Dishwasher KDTE554CSS1 leaking through diverter motor - can't find seal


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Jan 6, 2017
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6-10 years
Hi There -
It's me again with my kitchenaid KDTE554CSS1.

Another water leak - the diverter motor seems to be leaking water - it also seems that the motor is constantly turning. it does not stop. I was planning to replace the diverter motor assy (W10537869) - but I cannot find the seal that goes on the inside of the tub around the diverter motor shaft. i'm assuming this might be contributing to the leak. See photo, which was taken from underneath the unit while it was operating (think auto mechanic style - the advantages of an elevated dishwasher..)... there is water coming down from inside of that circular part, and the inside of that spool that is turning is visibly wet.

Please let me know if i should be searching for a different term for the diverter motor shaft seal, I also can't seem to see it on the parts diagram..



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That seal looks to be part # W10195677 but appears to be discontinued from the factory. There are some options at the following links although they're likely not genuine OEM parts. I don't know where you'll find a genuine Whirlpool version.

LINK > Diverter Seal W10195677 Options

LINK > Diverter Shaft Seal W10195677

Dan O.
thank you so much! this saves me from purchasing an entirely new sump assy for one grommet! Thank you so much!!!!

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