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FIXED KitchenAid Dishwasher KDTM404ESS1 Control Board Burnt


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May 25, 2020
Neenah, WI
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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to get an opinion on whether or not it is worth repairing a dishwasher that has a burnt control board and wiring. A few weeks ago we noticed a burning smell coming from our dishwasher – we chalked it up to using liquid detergent as we just started trying that around that time. After a couple of weeks of this the dishwasher stopped working in the middle of a cycle and tripped the breaker. Taking off the front panel the part of the control board that had the wiring harness coming out of it was all burnt up and the wires themselves looked like they overheated – the burning smell was the overheated wires burning the ‘rubber mat’ that covered the door underneath the outer shell.




Seems like there is a theme with KitchenAid control boards burning up after the warranty (here, here, and here). I never did see if reaching out to KitchenAid after the warranty worked (we purchased in spring of 2016).

We've had nothing but problems with this dishwasher during the time we have had it (e.g. had a really bad 'slime' issue) so I'm hesitant to reward KitchenAid with another purchase but I guess I sure do like having the same appliance brand in the kitchen and if it is relatively cheap to repair that is the way I'll probably go. I think replacing the control board and casing would be relatively easy but the wiring coming out of the unit disappears somewhere underneath the dishwasher - not sure if it would be a pain to get under there and how it is hooked up. I assume the rubber mat is good to go, even though there has been some melting of it.

Any advice sincerely appreciated.
You can report this to the consumer product safety commission directly here: CPSC Home Page | cpsc.gov

In fact check here--->https://www.saferproducts.gov/ and click on report and report it and you should get a response from KitchenAid to assist you on this issue, they will possibly give you a new dishwasher for free.

Thanks for the advice, I didn't see anything specifically on the CPSC page, but I didn't do an exhaustive search by any means. I did file a report however.

A trusted repair shop near where I live did quote $270 parts/$160 labor = $430 plus tax. We originally paid $900 for it so I'm leaning toward not being worth it. On the other hand, I'm throwing up a little in my mouth if I purchase another KitchenAid to match the rest of the kitchen after this episode. Other KA appliances we have have been okay on average, gas range is good, hood is good, refrigerator below average, so I'm not sure to give up on the other appliances just yet. I guess I'm not sure who even makes the unit - I thought Whirlpool was the fridge and the washer Maytag?
I had exactly the same problem as the original poster. The wire harness on the left was melted and the control board is fried.

I got an estimate for almost $500 to replace it but I can buy the control board for $180 and replace it (part number: W10854228).

The problem is that the harness is completely melted and I don't know where each wire is supposed to go. I read somewhere I can buy plastic harness from the hardware store and replace it instead of buying the full harness kit for kitcheaid which costs $80

1. Does anybody know where I can find the wiring diagram for the control board to find out where the cables go on the power harness?
2. Also has anybody had any luck contacting Kitchenaid and filing a complaint?
This appears to be a fire hazard and I heard some dishwashers (from another company) were recalled for this reason.


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Wiring diagram is on page 2 in the attachment below. You also should have a wiring diagram behind the bottom access panel of your dishwasher.

Do you have the exact same model KDTM404ESS1 ? The model number tag is located inside the door on the tub frame.

Here's the parts diagram for KDTM404ESS1:

Yes, you can get the wiring at any hardware store and cut the old wiring off and splice in the new wiring and get FEMALE terminal ends to connect to the new control board.

There are lots of videos on Youtube that will show you how, here's one I'll post below.:)

Wire Splicing Tool 959

Watch this video below:



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Hi Jake - thank you so much for the information on the wiring of the control board of the dishwasher. I can also confirm that I have the exact same model: KDTM404ESS1 which I bought in November 2016. I really think this should be acknowledged and reported as a fire hazard and Kitchenaid should recall and fix these models for free.

I have had really bad experience with kitchenaid appliances. I also have an over the stove microwave which has gone bad after a few years. The microwave does not sense that the door is closed and it does not start.

The technician I had to come and look at the dishwasher to tell me that the CB was burnt also told me that the Kitchenaid microwave has quality problems too.

If I can't fix these appliances I am definitely not buying Kitchenaid again!
I have finally bought a new controller to replace the one that burned. Thank you Jake for all the information on how to replace the connections of the broken harness and also the wiring diagram which helped me ensure the harness wires were placed correctly.

I ran into another problem where the harness wires connecting to the board were burned and now are shorter. After replacing the connectors I realized that 4 of the wires are shorter and do not allow the board to be installed back in place.

Does anybody know on the best way to extend those four wires? Where do I buy the extra wire to ensure is also the correct size?
Also what is the best way to extend the wires by adding a piece of new ones?
If anybody has any instructions, videos I will really appreciate the guidance.
Attaching the 4 wires that are shorted and I need to extend - note the connectors I installed also need to be replaced with better ones to make sure they are secure. If you have any suggestions please let me know on how to complete this repair. It will save me from having to buy a new dishwasher :)


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Yes, you can add some wire to it for more slack. 14 guage wire is fine, any hardware store should have it.

Solder the added wire, then move the heat shrink over the solder joint an shrink for a tight fit.

Or use wire butt connector with that added wire instead of soldering it.

Thank you Jake! I found an old harness from a refrigerator and used some of the wires to extend the burnt ones. I connected them with a wire butt and everything is working fine now.
Thank you for all the help. The wiring diagram you have sent in the previous message really helped me make sure I connected all the wires to the board the right way.
Excellent @cparizona glad to hear that.(y)

Thanks for the update!


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