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Kitchenaid Free Standing Icemaker KUISI5NRHB6


Dec 10, 2005
Lake Park, Ga.
This Kitchenaid icemaker (small cube) is the second unit I have had and continue to have problems. My origional unit was purchased in May 1994. Within 4-5 months experienced low ice production and loud sucking noise from the unit. I had numerous service calls that resulted in them replacing (over several service calls) most all the units in the icemaker. After writing to Kitchenaid (and numerous phone calls) they finally replaced the unit in March 2005. The new unit worked for 4-5 months and the same problem returned.

The problem (loud sucking noise) results from the ice hanging up as it tries to slide onto the cutter grid. When the ice does not completely clear the freezer plate the water running over the freezer plate (during the next cycle) does not return to the water tank and runs into the ice bin. After a few minutes the water tank empties and results in the loud sucking noise. I have cleaned the unit twice and still have the problem. I have also added a high quality water filter with no luck.

I am a retired electrical engineer/designer and have started observing the unit (as I read the morning paper) and believe the problem is a result of the ice grid not cutting the ice quickly enough so that the ice remains on the grid too long. When a new sheet of ice is dumped on the grid the ice remaining from the earlier sheet prevents the ice from completely clearing the freezer plate. This results in the water being lost into the ice bin when the next cycle starts.

My experience with appliance service people has not been good. The problem I am having only occurs periodically and never seems to occur when the service technician is looking at the unit. As a result at least one technician has told Kitchenaid Technical people that they do not believe I have a problem.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Can anyone tell me where I can get a service manual for this unit so I can attempt to repair it myself. I would start by trying to increase the current to the cutter grid so that the grid would cut the ice quicker.
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Appliance Tech - Admin
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Aug 24, 2004
McMullen Valley, Arizona

I myself don't have any experience in working on free standing ice makers, but hopefully someone with experience can help you out.