Kitchenaid Fridge - don’t buy


Jul 27, 2018
Grande Prairie
My wife and I spent a considerable amount of money on a higher end kitchenaid fridge and it’s just over a year old and it can’t get down to the correct temperature. Normally I wouldn’t make a big issue if it was resolved but the service we’ve received from whirlpool is beyond unreasonable. They’ve sent a repair company out probably a dozen times and continually replace parts that doesn’t fix it. The fridge is obviously a lemon but they refuse to admit it and won’t simply replace the unit. They’ve gone so far as to now call in a second repair shop to start replacing more parts and see if the outcome is what they want and say the fridge if fine. It’s set for 3 degrees Celsius as a fridge should be but it stays a 7 degrees and our food and milk goes bad way before it should. The last customer representative was trying to say that is in their acceptable temperature range. I’d recommend buyers stay away from kitchenaid as they figure their product is fine if it’s 7 degrees and your food spoils early and that is acceptable by their standards. Lousy customer service and poor product quality.

Very disappointed customer,
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