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Kitchenaid KDTE204DSS Wash Cycle Runs for Hours/Never Ends


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Jul 31, 2023
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6-10 years
***mods--please delete this--I accidentally posted in the wrong forum--I reposted in the correct dishwasher forum

Hello all,

My Kitchenaid KDTE204DSS dishwasher wash cycle runs for hours/never ends.

Initially I got an error 9-1 and noticed that water leaked out of the bottom of the diverter. I replaced the diverter motor and the rubber grommet and re-ran the diagnostic cycle after clearing the error code history--this issue is fixed/unrelated as the never-ending wash cycle issue persists and the 9-1 error code is now gone.

The wash cycle never-ending issue occurs whether I run a "pro-wash" or a "normal cycle"--basically the wash cycle will seemingly end, the water is successfully drained but then after a few seconds it starts filling with water/running again--this will keep happening until I manually stop the cycle. Interestingly, if I run a rinse cycle everything works normally. Also, if I run a diagnostic cycle it seems to run successfully (as best I can tell this is the case--it runs for ?approx 20minutes and ends with a few second beep) and no error codes are generated. The water seems plenty hot/normal and I made sure the OWI/soil sensor lens was clean.

Any ideas--I'm lost! Should I replace the control board? Could that "door vent" problem that is mentioned in this forum be affecting my unit?

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