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FIXED KitchenAid KGSS907SSS00 bottom gas igniter lights, but will not re-light...


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Feb 7, 2023
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6-10 years
My KA gas range bottom oven igniter will light the burner initially just fine when the oven is cold - but is not re-lighting to keep the oven at temp. It is receiving the "request" to re-light as it does attempt...four clicks then stops and does not try again.

Oven Igniter is a new one, just replaced.

Top-of-range burners all light and work fine. Broiler works fine; lights, and relights.

I've read other posts with the problem of not igniting at all, none mention the quirk of lighting-yes, but not re-lighting. Thoughts, please?
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Oven Igniter is a new one, just replaced.
Was it doing the same thing before you replaced it? This just started AFTER you replaced the oven ignitor?

I'm attaching your data sheet below, check for error codes starting on page 4.


  • techsheet-w10112145-reva.pdf
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Jake - thank you!. Yes, that was the issue and why I replaced the igniter, however it made no difference.

This morning I tripped the breaker and left it off for about 10 min, powered back up and now everything seems to be working normally. (Odd, in that I had done that with the original igniter in, and it made no difference - still would ignite, no re-light).

Here are the codes showing this morning (with ignite and re-ignite now working), will it tell you what a past code was?

71degrees 067
AM16 U115 EEKG0 - 245
No, if your had a error code it would show up as F and a number, then E and a number. Example F3 E0 is a oven sensor error.

Here's the bake ignitor for your model:
WP9760229 Elctr-Kit

Is that the bake igniter you installed?

Check the bake burner and make sure none of the portholes are clogged, like I mentioned in this thread:
Jake...thank you very much for your help. Oven is working fine now.
I'll certainly keep the tech sheet for future use.
Glad to hear that.(y)

What did you do to fix it? Was it the bake burner port holes being clogged?
That's interesting, as long as it keeps working, then you nailed it.(y)

Thanks for the update!
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