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KitchenAid KGSS907SSS00 stove control board on fire?


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Oct 8, 2017
San Diego
Model Number
6-10 years

Has anyone experienced the control board self shorting out and catching on fire? while just sitting unattended and off?

IMG_0171.JPG IMG_0170.JPG

Yeah I have worked on a lot of electronics in my life 50 years so this is the worst self inflicted damage I've ever seen too, the fire partially melted the carrier card as well, funny that the wiring is OK though. there is no outside heat source to cause this fire, luckily it was sandwiched between the oven top and burner panel. Oven was off and not used yesterday when I heard a crackling buzzing sound, like the girls put tin foil in the microwave then the smell and smoke, unplugged the range immediately and turned the gas off. I ordered another used board for $30 +$12 shipping (new is over $300). Crossing my fingers that a swap out of the part fixes the problem. What caused it? power surge? lightning strike somewhere? no other appliances have been acting funny. Will check power supply voltages before the install. Wish me luck!
Wish me luck!



Your tag says KGSS907SSS00

LINK> Electronic Control Board

This appears to be a power board so even with no one using the range it is powered and ready for use. Brown outs, power surges usually damage stuff but don't catch fire....yours looks more like something on the board (cold solder joint, electronic part) got over heated and slowly burnt the board until you noticed. :(


jeff sr.

Thanks for the reply, ordered a good (hopefully) used part to try out a repair

If you get a chance, let us know how the repair went.

jeff sr.

Installed replacement control board but the range is still broken. The oven lock is engaged and all the display is lit up with all options displayed. The gas top still works fine, spark starter works but the touchscreen does not work or accept commands/selections, pushing buttons does nothing now what?



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P/N 9762774 was in the eBay ad and on the board, it matched the original board. Maybe a connector is reversed? they are mostly keyed to go in one direction. the connectors on the wire harness are not numbered or marked in any way.



Here is a picture of the range, I want to keep the stove, looks great and has been working for years, don't want to spend $1500+ to replace it.


Jeff has been out since Thursday, he may be under the weather.

I agree with Jeff, the new control board he posted the link to in his post #2 above, should fix it.

I don't trust any parts new or used on ebay, WHEN the factory still makes them available for new.

so you believe the board I bought is no good? I will disconnect it and see if the screen starts working normally, thanks for the tip. Just buying new parts doesn't necessarily guarantee a successful fix, more diagnosis is required.

so you believe the board I bought is no good?
Yes Stephen, absolutely.

I will disconnect it and see if the screen starts working normally, thanks for the tip. Just buying new parts doesn't necessarily guarantee a successful fix, more diagnosis is required.
Yes, refer to your tech data sheet for more diagnosis.

But from doing appliance repair as a career for over 35 years, when I see a board that burnt, its ALWAYS the board that is the culprit ONLY.:)

I don't have a tech data sheet specifically for a KGSS907SS000, but I do have one from a KGSS907XSP will that work as a guide? Where can I get one for a KGSS907SS000?
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You keep posting the wrong model number, Jeff even mentioned that.:)

Per your model number tag, your model number is: KGSS907SSS00

Here's your tech. data sheet for it:


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Anytime Stephen!

No luck today with a replacement display board. I got the exact same result as with the original display board (see post below) what to try next? there are no posted voltages in the tech sheet that I could find other than the 120 volt supply listed. Unplugging various harness combinations did not help originally or today, results are always the same, maybe the power supply went bad? this is a bizzare problem. I have returned all of the boards that I purchased so far for credit. I will look for a deal on the controller board and keep trying. In the meantime I purchased a used stove for my tenant to stop hassling him with my stove repair saga, got him a slide in Frigidaire FFGH3054US from American Freight, slide ins add a few extra hundred dollars to a stove purchase, he is OK with the new less featured model. I still want to fix the kitcenAid range and possibly recoup some of my investment, seems a shame to scrap it.



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Ok Stephen, then you have a complicated issue, you will need a KitchenAid tech. to come out and see what's going on.

Contact KitchenAid to come out at 800-422-1230, then the KA tech can call the FACTORY HOTLINE from your house to investigate this problem.

removing and looking at the relay control board I noticed that the all of fine pins on the P2 connector were bent out of alignment, I'm going to straighten them and carefully reconnect the boards. Just recently I removed the top, burners and sides of the range so I will be able to see what I'm doing this time.

I can still return the relay control board if this doesn't work (haven't posted it yet). Thanks for all of your help! I'm not calling a factory tech, too much extra money and I can swap out parts just like them. My tenant is happy now and I have lots of time to tinker. I have Electrical Engineering skills learned from college and I'm handy with even board level components and logic. I don't think my oscilloscope will be needed for this repair lol


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