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Kitchenaid KRFC704FBS02 Freezer not getting cold enough


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Jun 23, 2022
Model Number
1-5 years
I recently moved , & the fridge was working great before I moved .
After installing the fridge , hooking up the water line & plugging it in ,
the freezer was not getting cold enough to make ice or even freeze ice cream .
I had a repair guy come out & look at it & he had to order parts & he replaced
the complete Evaporator cover Assembly Fan & all . This did not fix the problem ,
He than came & unplugged the frig & changed the Drier Tube & charge the frig
with Freon . I thought it was all fixed , The freezer was freezing ice cream & making
ice again for about 3 to 4 days . Than back to the same issue . I had him return &
he pulled this panel off the back of the frig looked at & fooled with a circuit board
put the cover back on & said he would have to come back . Now after he left I noticed
the inside of the fridge was very warm & not getting cold
( I have never had problems with the temp on the inside of the frig compartment just the freezer section )
So I moved the fridge & pulled the panel off the back to look at the circuit board
he messed with , I noticed that there are 4 plugs on top & 8 inputs for plugs on the
bottom , But there was nothing plugged into Section P7 . does anyone have a pic
or does anyone know if something is suppose to be plugged into P7 ???

I thought I would mention , when I stated he fooled with the circuit board .
I meant he unplugged & removed it , Looked at it & then put it back in .
then said he needs to get back to me & come back .

After he left I noticed the inside of the fridge was completely warm with no air blowing .
So I decided to pull the panel off the rear to see if he put the circuit bored in correctly ,
& I noticed there are 4 inputs on the top of the board & 8 inputs on the bottom , But there
was nothing plugged into section P7 . here is a pic of the board I found online so you can
see the input ( P7 ) I am talking about . any help would be highly appreciated , Thank You in Advance ...


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Your tech data sheet has the wiring diagram in it, it will show you what goes at P7. The tech. data sheet is located under the right side top door hinge cover.

Here's the main control board for your model: W11533213

I really appreciate the reply/help , But it looks like the Tech took the sheet .
I just removed the 2 bolts on each side L/R & there is no Data Sheet there . GRRR
As I stated above there was no Data Sheet .
So I took it upon myself to open the rear compartment & see if he forgot to
put the plug into section P7 . Well to my surprise there was not any wires or
loose plug just hanging there . All the plugs where in there inputs & Section
P7 was empty with nothing to plug into it .

So Back to my problem , The freezer is still not cold enough to freeze ice cream or produce Ice ,
& now an additional problem since he unplugged the fridge & messed with the circuit board ,
The fridge section is now room temperature & not shown any signs of getting cold . Now as I
stated above I have never had any issues with the fridge section , it has always worked properly .
Any help / guidance is very much appreciated .
You will need to have the tech. come back out, he did something to it.

I figured I would , he was suppose to come back the same day but didn't .
I think My 1'st mistake was searching google for a local repair shop . I
think he is a 1 man show , I should have done some research . Today I was
told it will be another $120 for him to come out again , even though he
never fixed the problem & he also made things worse . Just my luck ...

Well Thank You anyways ...
The tech. should not charge you to come back if he was just there, usually they have at least a 30 day warranty period.

Its best to contact KitchenAid at 800-422-1230 and they will have a authorized tech to come out.

Ok, sounds good.


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