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KitchenAid KRFF507HPS03 Ice Maker Error Code E5 Timed Ice Making


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Jul 20, 2023
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1-5 years
KitchenAid KRFF507HPS03 Ice Maker Error Code E5 Timed Ice Making

I had the compressor replaced under warranty a month or so ago and the ice maker never worked properly/ consistently again. The unit cools well and freezer is working as it should.
Whirlpool was no help on someone coming back out, they just wanted to charge me for a non-warranty call.

This latest E5 error is after I replaced the icemaker, did all the checks and they all passed, cleaned condenser, checked the code 36 ice box fan. (I could feel it blowing out)

The unit will make ice after I unplug and plug back in for a little while then E5 pops up again.

The temps are set at fridge @ 33 and freezer @-5

when I hold the door switch down with the door open Ice box fan blows

Door Ice Bin temp is 17-23

There is water in the ice bin sometimes that will freeze and or drain out when I push the ice dispenser in the door. It doesn’t seem to be from the ice in the bin melting.
Did you ever figure this out? Have same situation, but actually got a new ice maker installed under "a one time courtesy" since the fridge was 18 months old 🙄. Still very little ice being produced, then the E5 code.

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