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Kitchenaid (KSSO42FMX00) ice maker (106 62667) not working


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May 30, 2021
Madison SD
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I have a Kitchenaid refrigerator KSS042FMX00 vintage 2004. The ice maker (106 626667) is not working properly. I have looked at the unit, and discovered a small broken chip in the white rotating dial on the front. I thought this may be part of the ejector arm.??? Looking on YouTube, I see this is not the case as this part appears to be part of the dial on a different model 626640.??? I cannot find any information on model 106 626667, but instead find similar as in 626663, 6266640 etc. In addition our model has a white plugin jumper between L and T that I don't see in any other model seen on you tube. Any thoughts on that?
On testing
Here is what I know.

The water makes it to the tray, it freezes, the mold heater checks out at 72 ohms resistance, the power to the head reads at 120 volts N to L and it will rotate if jumper wired H to T. At this point I close the door and leave the ice to freeze. Two hours later the ice is still in it and the white drive wheel has advanced the fingers to the point they touch the ice in an attempt to push it out and its stuck. If the wheel is pushed in slightly by hand the unit will rotate but at that point I believe the mold heater hasn't come back on before I push the wheel in and its difficult to remove the ice because the cycle was broken. My feeling is most of the issue is end piece of the plastic fingers that extend into the wheel to hold it in place are broken off. But then again, why are they broken off? Did the mold heater not come on and the drive of the motor broke them off even though it tested OK at 72 ohms?


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Yes, seen that many times on my service calls. You'd need a new ice maker module.

But then again, why are they broken off?
It just wears out overtime and that piece in the middle breaks.

You're ice tray mode heater is fine and didn't cause it to break.

Here's the ice maker module for your model you can order:
8201515 Icemaker Motor Module

There is a "how to" video in the ice maker module part link.
Jake, thank you for your assistance. One more question. All the videos I look at do not show the white jumper we have shown in the picture we sent of the module. As mentioned it goes from L to T. Is that jumper the main power source? Is the module you’re suggesting compatible with our unit?

thanks, Tom
No Tom, L and N on the ice maker module is the main power, you should get 120 volts with your multimeter in those 2 holes. Now on some models you have to push and hold the door switch in while testing for 120 volts.

As for that white jumper, I used to remember what that was for, but I forgot now, they don't use that white jumper anymore on the newer refrigerators.

When you get the new module installed, just put that white jumper back in the same place.
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