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FIXED KitchenAid Refrigerator KRFC300ESS04 - No Power to Evap Fan


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May 19, 2023
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1-5 years
Hello to all. I appreciate all the info I've found on this forum so far. Unfortunately, I am still having trouble figuring this one out.

Evap fan stopped working. Freezer is and still gets ice cold. No ice on coils. Rear fan and compressor appear to be working. Bench tested the evap fan and it seems to work just fine. Checked voltage to evap fan plug and it is about 80v when disconnected and 6v (IIRC) when connected. I found one thermistor in the refrigerator that is hidden inside the plastic housing for the digital temp setting screens and buttons. That thermistor has resistance and it changes when a blow dryer is applied to it so I think it's working.

Would the starter relay run the compressor and rear fan but not the evap fan? I am thinking it's probably all or nothing, or should I check it anyway? I don't think it's door switches as the lights turn on and off at the press of each switch just fine.

I have the digital temp guage panel piece out but not sure how to test it or if the temperature control module is a separate piece. I can't find the service technician data sheet anywhere online for this model.

Any idea where to check next? Still holding out hope it's not the mother board.

2 year old unit but we do get flickering power here regularly.

Thanks for your time.
You should have a tech. data sheet either behind the bottom kickplate grille or underneath the right side door upper hinge cover. I'm attaching it below if you still can't find it.

Here's the evaporator fan motor for your model, if needed:
W11024089 Motor-Evap

You check for 115 volts at the Apollo control board. Once you pull your refrigerator out from the wall, it should be located on the back exterior wall, behind its cover. Look at the schematic in your tech. data sheet, you will see CN2 then EVP FAN on Pin 8(black/yellow wire) then it goes to Pin 4(white/black wire), between those pins you should see 115 volts with the freezer door closed while the compressor is running.

Here's the Apollo control board for your model, if needed:
Electronic Control Board WPW10317076


  • tech-sheet-w10787424-revf.pdf
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Thank you! You're the man. I was able to find the tech sheet after looking around again. It was behind the rear kickplate tucked along the inside left wall of the unit.

I verified the pins were the same on the schematic, and they were just as you noted. Still the same numbers as when I measured at the evap plug - ~80v when unplugged and 9v when plugged in. Also put it in service mode to test the fan and it wouldn't turn on. Looks like its time for new board.

Hopefully it's just the board and nothing else. Will confirm when I get it popped in. Thank you again.
Yes, the new control board should fix it, yes keep us posted.:)
Yes, the new control board should fix it, yes keep us posted.:)
New control board and she's as good new. Ended up finding a "new without a box" one on ebay that was returnable if defective, so $60 later and we're good to go.

Thanks again. You and the others on this forum are amazing. Thank you.
Sounds good, thanks for the update.(y)

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