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FIXED KitchenAid Refrigerator KRFC400ESS01 - Not making Ice


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Nov 1, 2022
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1-5 years
I have a KRFC400ESS01 french door fridge with the ice maker in the top left of the fridge that's not making ice. The water dispenser works fine, the auger functions for ice dispensing, the ice fan and associated hardware seems to be functioning, but the ice cycle won't start.

Upon further investigation, a multi-meter on L and N in the ice maker module shows 0-1 VAC with the door switch closed. I verified continuity on the thermal fuse, verified function of the switch, checked wiring harness and checked in service mode, 192 shows "OFF".

Service Test - 192 Ice Maker State Test
Display shows dr if left fresh food door switch is in the door open position.
Display shows OFF if ice maker power switch is in the off position and door closed.
Display shows On if the ice maker power switch is in the on position and the door closed and heater is off.
Display shows OnH if icemaker power switch is in the on position and harvest heater is on and door closed.

I did go ahead and swap in a new ice maker module since it was relatively cheap, thinking maybe the old one had a short or something, but there's no change.

Tracing the wires back to the harness where it enters the ice maker area, I'm not seeing voltage. This seems to make sense as the service mode seems to imply that the maker is switched off....the question is why? Tracing the schematic, I think I'm looking at a new main board, but wanted some input.

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Including some information that was requested in a similar thread in the search.

Service Test – 113 Ice Compartment Fan
Shows 13.8 for high with audible fan noise and 7.9 for low.

Service Test – 145 Ice Box Thermistor
Shows 5 degrees
Hi, your tech. data sheet should be located in the upper right side door under the hinge cover. Here it is online: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fp4TDOcoYVjzwA-KgDu_Z1_ZASM8nOD6/view?usp=sharing

Is there water in the ice maker tray now, that has turned to ice? But won't dump it?

On the main control board J2 pin 8 to J1 pin 8 are is the power that goes to the ice maker.

Measure the voltage on the main control board across J2-8 (violet) and J1-8 (white). Your meter should indicate 120 Volts AC.

Here's the main control board for your model:
Electronic Control Board WPW10312695

Here's another thread with the exact same main control board you have, and main control board was the problem:

Thanks for the reply, Jake!

There is no water/ice in the tray, and I cannot get the timer to advance to get a fill.

I’ll check voltage on the main board when I get home tonight and report back.
I tested for voltage at the indicated pins via back probing and saw one spike up to about 6VAC but it generally stayed at 0.0 -0.1VAC.
Is there any other test I should perform before pulling the trigger on the main board?
Was the doors closed when you did that volt test(sorry forgot to mention that)? If so, then yes, its a bad main control board.

Thanks for the guidance! I threw a new main board in the fridge and within a few minutes the ice tray was filling up with water and I’ve got a tray full of ice the next day!
Excellent, glad to hear the new main board fixed it.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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