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Kitchenaid Refrigerator KRMF706EBS01 Makes Ice but doesn't dispense


Jun 17, 2022
Model Number
1-5 years
This has been going on for a while. Ice is made in ice maker but won't release to the bucket in the door to be dispensed. Eventually ice melts and water drips from the icemaker compartment.
So far I've replaced the fill tube heater and the ice maker itself, with no change.
I ran the diagnostics and got an E2 motor lost position on icemaker, even with new ice maker.
Kitchenaid said it could be the panel door outside the icemaker, which has a wire that heats to release ice. That part has continuity so I assume it still works. Could I be wrong?
Also, Kitchenaid said it could be the control board, and recommended testing voltage at the correct location on the control board for the icemaker, which I have not done yet. I'd like to confirm the control board is dead before I go and replace it.
First time here, and I know I loaded you guys up here. Thanks for reading.
Test 56 - Ice maker Error Code--->E2- Motor Lost Position

Check for obstructions in the NEW ice maker rake arm keeping it from dumping ice properly and causing the motor to lose position.

If no obstructions, then you likely got a defective ice maker, because you should not get a E2 on a brand new ice maker, Look here:

Here's the ice maker for your model: W11483245 Icemaker


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