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KitchenAid Refrigerator KRMF706ESS01 not cooling freezing - inverter box flashing


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Nov 17, 2022
Inland Empire
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1-5 years
My KitchenAid KRMF706ESS01 stopped working a couple days ago. Has power and can get water (not cold of course). Opened bottom back panel and noticed the inverter box LEDs were flashing 3 times. Ordered a new inverter box and replaced the old one. Plugged the fridge back in and after confirming Power Out on the front panel, the new inverter box was again flashing 3 times. Checked the connections which were fine.

Where to go from here?

Thank you
You got a defective inverter it seems like, look here:

Where did you buy it from?

Also look here:

Or the main control board is the cause:
Refrigerator Control Board WPW10675033

The board mounted to the compressor is blinking a green light twice with a pause in between. As you earlier post noted that is the absence of the 3-6 VDC from the control board.
My data sheet shows that as coming from the control board P8-7 and P8-8 and the schematic shows that as a red and a black wire going to the compressor inverter. Testing the pins on the main board with the cable not connected shows no VDC in the powered up not working state.

I then put the fridge in self diag number 4 waited till sub test 3 when the board would be commanding the compressor on. The pins still had no VDC

So please correct me if i am wrong the 3-6 VDC is the control side of a relay to put the compressor in and out of load as the control board detects the need for cooling.

You can check the voltage at the inverter:
Inverter--->black and white wires = 120 VAC,
red and black wires = 0-15 VDC
Hello. I got the part from a place called PartsIPS. It came in a sealed box from Whirlpool. I have asked for a replacement in case I just got a bad one. But maybe like you said, it is the control board.
Yes, because--->The inverter performs a self diagnostic check at the beginning of each cooling cycle. An LED on the inverter blinks a code to signal a failure.

LED off - No failure detected
LED blinks twice - 3-6 VDC not detected from control board.
LED blinks 3 times - Inverter failure - Replace inverter
LED blinks 4 times - Compressor failure- Replace compressor and inverter
Thank you Jake. The new replacement inverter box will be here tomorrow.

If THAT one would also happen to result in the LCD 3x flashing, what would be the next thing to look at, as I would imaging that all 3 boxes I have tried couldn't all be bad.
Ok, let us know how it goes.
Hi. I replaced the Inverter box with another new one I purchased from a private party nearby my house. I am not seeing any LEDs flashing. How will I know if the fridge is working? That the compressor is working? It is not warm to the touch, but how long do I wait to see if it works? Thank you.
Update for 11/23/2022. Refrigerator still not cooling and no flashing lights on the Inverter box. Ordered a replacement control board.
LED off - No failure detected

Yes, that means your inverter board is good now, and the control board is the problem.

Let us know how it goes when you get the new control board installed. Make sure you unplug the refrigerator first before replacing the control board.
Hello. I just replaced the control board. LEDs on Inverter Box still not flashing so that means no error there.

However, still not feeling cool air coming into the refrigerator or freezer. Touched the compressor, and not feeling it vibrate or get warm like it's on.
Ok then you have a complicated issue, you will need a KitchenAid tech. to come out and see what's going on.

Contact KitchenAid to come out at 800-422-1230, then the KA tech can call the FACTORY HOTLINE from your house to investigate this problem.
Glad to help!

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