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Kitchenaid Refrigerator KRMF706ESS01 won't make ice


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Sep 7, 2022
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I have a kitchenaid KRMF706ESS01 that wasn't make ice. When I ran the diagnostic I would get an E2 on test 56. If I unplugged the fridge and plugged back in, it would start to make ice again. That worked a couple of times and then it just shot craps. So I ordered a new ice maker as every diagnostic test seemed fine.

I took everything apart tonight, put the new ice maker in and ran a new 56 test which now shows E3. Then I tried the harvest test and it came back with 02. I am hoping that the E3 code is just because the fridge was off for a bit while I removed and replaced the ice maker and it needs time to cool back down. The new ice maker had a different style connection that left one of the connectors without anything to connect to, however the new ice maker had two white wires that the old ice maker had going to its own connector, but now looks like it is routed to a new set of connector. Which leaves this wire nowhere to connect (attached image)

If not, what else could the problem be? Also, can anyone identify these wires and what they do and where can I find a replacement harness for this if needed? (image with the blue looking tape and wires coiled on top)


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Aug 24, 2004
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Put a freezer thermometer in the ice maker compartment and see what it reads after 2 hours, it needs to be under 10 degrees F at all times to make ice continually.

If its under 10 degrees F at all times, then its a problem with the ice maker.

What is the ice maker part number you ordered? Did you order a aftermarket ice maker? Because the OEM ice maker should always come with the exact same electrical connector as the original, and if there is a change there is always instructions included with that electrical connector change.

Here's the OEM ice maker for your model: W11294907 Icemaker

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