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KitchenAid Refrigerator KRSC503ESS01 LED lights are dim

Mark Twain

Premium Member
Nov 23, 2022
Saint Louis
Model Number
1-5 years
I read the forum on the LED lights being in series. I ordered and replaced the top LED (part number Light W10876365/AP6026365) that is highlighted on the forum. It is a Whirlpool Corporation factory certified part. I received part number W11226500 which is the updated part. It did not fix my lights. They are still dim. Could it be the other light in the series then?
I also notice the light in the lights refrigerator section look the same as the freezer. If this is the case I could try swapping these. Thanks for your help.
My freezer lights are out at 3 years and 5 months! Can you tell me where the tabs are located on the side LED lights? I’m having trouble with my freezer lights. I replaced the top one in the freezer hoping it would fix the issue but it didn’t fix it. Before ordering a side light I was thinking about swapping one of the side lights out of the refrigerator side and putting it in the freezer side to see if that fixes my issue. It looks like they are the same part numbers. in fact I think the top lights in the freezer and the refrigerator may be the same. I just haven’t been successful in being able to pop out a side light Yet to try. It sure is easier when you have a replacement part to look at to see where the tabs are. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks….
Here is my side light. Where are the tabs located on the light at to pop it out?


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Hi, I'm attaching your tech. data sheet below, you can check the LED lights for 14 Volts DC at the electrical connector that connects to them.

On this model there are 2 LED lights in the freezer, one on the very top freezer ceiling and one on the right side freezer wall. Which one is completely out? Or are they ALL DIM?

These LED lights run in series, they are like the old Christmas lights, when one goes bad it affects the others.

Here's the very top freezer ceiling LED light for your model:

Here's the left side freezer wall LED light for your model:

This video shows you the way to remove these:



  • wiring-sheet-W10751694-RevA.pdf
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Here is my side light. Where are the tabs located on the light at to pop it out?
Ok Mark, this is a LED module I have not replaced as of yet, but I assume it pops out like the others do, get a putty knife and pry it out, I don't know where the tabs are on this one, they are possibly at the top and bottom corners and maybe one in the middle.

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