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Kitchenaid refrigerator not cooling enough (both Refrige and Freezer, but pantry drawer works fine)


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Jun 20, 2023
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6-10 years
Since 1-2 months ago, the temperature did not get cold enough. The freezer still freeze but ice-cream became soft. Food in refridge spoils faster than normal. A few days ago it got worse. I originally thought it might be a frozen evaporation fan because 1 month ago there were huge noise coming from the left part when I open the freezer drawer. The noise became weaker and finally went away by itself over the month. We removed the freezer drawer and found the right upper corner was frozen (the bi-metal? See pictures attached). We then melted the ice with hair dryer and put everything back on. But the problem is still there.

It has been more than 24 hours and the refrige part stays 52 degrees and the freezer part can freeze water but ice cream stays soft. The pantry drawer always works fine. It was set to 32 degrees and measures 32 degrees.
I ran test #6 and it says 02 open but I am not sure if it's frosty. I checked that evaporation fans are working. The condenser coils are clean.

What should I do next? Thank you.
Since the pantry part always works, could we conclude that the sealed system is good? I mean I can do the repair myself?


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Just an update that test #6 shows closed now. It is after 48 hours since we put the power back on.
I did more research and the ice ball frosty pattern looks like a leakage? I am wondering if test #6 changed to closed because the ice ball formed again.

Question: How is the pantry drawer cooled? If it's a sealed system problem, why is the pantry drawer still working?

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