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KitchenAid refrigerator PO error code KRFF507ESS00

James H.

Premium Member
Dec 5, 2022
San Diego,Ca
Model Number
6-10 years
My KitchenAid refrigerator model # KRFF507ESS00 has started throwing out the PO error code. I have reset the power to the unit but that did not do the trick. The unit is still cooling but the lights inside have started to not come on or will turn off after a few seconds, as well as the temperature setting panel for the deli, drinks & produce drawers is dead. From what I am reading it is most likely a bad control board does anyone know the part number and where I can get a new one?
Hi James,

There have been some problems with the DELI U/I(user interface) control of the crisper drawer shorting out and causing these odd problems your having now.

What we do first to confirm if that's the problem is to disconnect that U/I control and then see if everything starts working fine again and the PO stops rebooting.

Pages 59 and 60 in this service book: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RC_TwqEUEt3auvQDQeeaxHkKZ3XZ7mmc/view?usp=share_link Tells you how to access it to disconnect it.

Here is the DELI U/I(user interface) control for your model: https://www.repairclinic.com/PartDetail/Control-Board/W10807593/4458528

Let us know if that fixes it once you disconnect it. Unplug your refrigerator first before disconnecting it.

Ok James, sounds good.:)

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