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KRFC704FPS00 Ice Marker Not Working Replaced Ice Maker

Feb 22, 2023
Danbury CT
Model Number
1-5 years
The ice maker in my refrigerator, Model KRFC704FPS00 has not worked since I moved into my new house (appliances came with sale) about 7 months ago. At first when switched to on, a small water leak would occur on the floor and inside the refrigerator compartment.

About 2 months ago I had a technician come out from Sears who told me the cause was the mold on the ice maker was broken and I agreed to replacing the entire ice maker; however, no ice production has occurred.

They came back out and ordered and installed a new ice maker; however, this one isn't producing ice either.

I came across the following thread: https://www.applianceblog.com/mainf...ice-maker-has-stopped-making-ice-cubes.65816/ which told me to run the following codes:

  • Test 14 Door Ice Box Thermistor: 25
  • Test 16 Door Ice Maker Tray Thermistor: 9
  • Test 59 Ice Box Fan: Turns On
  • Test 65 Ice Box Duct Heater: On
  • Test 66 Door Ice Maker Fill Tube Heater: 01
  • Test 79 Ice Bin State: 01
  • Test 97 Door Ice Maker Valve: 01 then FF
  • Test 115 Control Ice Door Motor Using Ice Pads: 1
  • Test 120 Door Ice Maker Self Diagnostics:
    • 1 (turns mold)
    • 4 (timeout)


  • KRFC704FPS00 Tech Sheet - W10832390 - Rev C.pdf
    748.6 KB · Views: 161

Also run these tests:
Service Test - 01 RC Thermistor
--->Read RC compartment Temperature. SH indicates “shorted” thermistor, OP indicated “open” thermistor.

Service Test - 02 FC Thermistor
--->Read FC compartment Temperature. SH indicates “shorted” thermistor, OP indicates “open” thermistor.

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