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FIXED KRFC704FPS01 RC parts confirmation - RC not cooling


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Jan 5, 2023
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1-5 years
Hey all,

Yet another KA fridge with the RC not cooling (and ice maker probs). I've read through many threads here, found the service manual and done the diag tests which point to a bad control board (GF2) that isn't activating the RC fan. I saw several threads that resolved via new thermistors (cover kit) even after board replacements so it seems it's one or the other. Could you please help confirm the correct parts for my model?

Low board stock for part W11450890 led Whirlpool to create kit W11533213 which is a 2 board pack of both the control board plus the dispenser board correct? Is replacing the dispenser board really necessary?

The evap cover kit that includes the fan appears to be the way to go to get the thermistor and bigger gaskets on the cover, is this the correct part? W11395639

Diag test results:
• Test 01 - Refrigerator compartment (RC) thermistor temp: 42
• Test 02 - Freezer compartment (FC) thermistor temp: 11
• Test 03 - RC evaporator thermistor temp: 29
• Test 04 - First FC evaporator thermistor temp: 13
• Test 18 - 2nd FC evaporator thermistor temp: -11
• Test 57 - RC fan test: on (fan blows)
• Test 58 - Condenser fan test: on (fan blows)
• Test 59 - Ice box fan test: on (fan blows)
• Test 128 - board firmware version: 700 (7.0.0)

Appreciate the help!
• Test 57 - RC fan test: on (fan blows)
So that RC fan is running per TEST 57 correct? But its not running in normal cooling mode?

Its usually the RC evaporator fan motor and RC thermistor that fix this problem.

Look here:

Your model uses that exact same one, You can only get the RC thermistor only when you order the complete evaporator fan motor assembly:
So this is interesting... after a few weeks of not cooling at all, the fan is now blowing again in the RC without having done anything. Diags shook something loose maybe? Any ideas why and does this change the prognosis?
You can do a voltage test on the main control board at connector P14.
P14 Pin 3 P14 Pin 4--->should be 12.7 Volts DC to the RC EVAP FAN.

I'm attaching your tech. data sheet below that show you that Voltage Table at the bottom right side of the tech. data sheet.

If the volts is good and that RC fan motor is not running, then that confirms the RC fan motor is the culprit. In normal cool mode, the compressor will be running while the RC fan motor runs.


  • Tech Sheet - W11190777 - REV A.pdf
    1.8 MB · Views: 86
Ok, sounds good.
Confirmed, no DC crossing P14-3 to P14-4. Only 6VDC from P14-1 to P14-2 interestingly.
Ok, that confirms the main control board is the culprit.

Here's the main control board for your model: Cntrl-Elec W11099565
Glad to help!
Hey Jake, new board is in and same condition. Intermittent RC fan with no voltage on p14 3 to 4 unless I run test 57 then it passes voltage while fan is running. Is this voltage supposed to be passed constant or only when the RC fan is running?
Is this voltage supposed to be passed constant or only when the RC fan is running?
Only when its running.

Maybe I spoke too soon, suddenly seems fine.
Sounds good, yes give it 24 hours for the temps to stabilize. Make sure your evaporator cover is back in place.

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