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FIXED KRFC704FSS02 KitchenAid Refrigerator - Ice Box Temperature Too Warm/High


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Feb 1, 2023
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1-5 years

I am having an issue with my 3 year old Kitchen Aid Fridge KRFC704FSS02. Freezer and fresh food temps are good and working.

I have searched this forum and posts quite a bit, but most posts did not have ice box temperature issues.

This is the closest similar issue that I could find, however the original poster found their issue was an overstuffed freezer, which we do not have.

I think this bulletin might apply to my case #:W11033419B ?

A tech that we had come did not seem the most adept and suggested it was the Ice Maker Assembly, however I don't see how that would impact the box temperature? It also seems to pass Test 120 without issues.

Test Results:

14 Door Ice Box Thermistor: 16 C (60 F)
16 Door Ice Maker Tray Thermistor: 14 C (57 F)
58 Condenser Fan Test: on (do not hear a fan?)
59 Ice Box Fan Test: on (do not hear fan or feel air from duct)
65 Ice Box Duct Heater Test: on
97 Door Ice Maker Valve General Test: On (water fills tray)
120 Door Ice Maker self diagnostics: PA

Based on these tests my assumption is the Ice Box fan might be shot? About a week ago before the temperature started melting the ice in our box, I heard a noise like a fan ticking/clicking on the bottom right (if looking at the back of fridge), and gave it a gentle whack and the sound went away. Obviously no ice can be made with these temps.

What should I urge the tech to look at/what can I do myself to figure this out?

Thank you!
Kitchenaid and their subcontractors in our area have been very, very disappointing. This issue is probably one not solved easily online, though any information that could help me DIY diagnose this issue would be a huge help, if possible.


Ok Paul,

I located another thread with this exact same issue and exact same ice box fan motor problem:

Here's the ice box fan for your model as well:

Let us know how it goes after you replace it.
Thanks Jake, appreciate the added threads, couldn't find those for the life of me. I will update on how the replacement goes.
Ok, sounds good.:)
As suspected, it was the ice box fan. New one in and ice is back. Now to fix the ice tray from freezing as a solid block! :wall:
As suspected, it was the ice box fan. New one in and ice is back.
Excellent, glad to hear that.(y)

Now to fix the ice tray from freezing as a solid block!
Usually that's caused by the ice tray not dumping all the cubes properly, then refilling and causing the solid block in the ice tray.

Do you notice some ice cubes not dumping from the ice tray?

Here's the ice maker for your model, if needed: Icemaker W11115534
It freezes completely into a large chunk and none drop out, have to smash them when the tray rotates revealing the ice in order for them to drop. I saw elsewhere on this forum the issue is resolved by replacing the ice maker, so that's what I will end up doing.

Thanks again for all your help!
Ok, yes, then the new ice maker should fix it.:)

Let us know how it goes,=.

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