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FIXED KRFF507ESS Ceiling lights out, the rest stay on

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Feb 22, 2020
Model Number
1-5 years
Hi all, this is for my Kitchenaid KRFF507ESS. It's 2.5 years old.

There are 5 "ceiling" lights in my KRFF507ESS. A few weeks ago 2 turn off (the front two) and the other 3 were flickering. As of today they're all off. No other issues with the fridge anywhere (lights or termp). Any ideas or any other questions I can answer?

Pic below to show the lights off and the side lights on.


Thanks for the response! Do I need to order 5 total or once I fix the right 3 will the left 2 come on?
Just the link I posted above that come with the three in one set, then the other 2 will work again too.:)

Sounds good, yes keep us posted.:)

No dice. Lights flickering now except for the 4th one which just is off. Do I try to replace those too?
Interesting, those 3 you replaced are coming on now, yes you will need to order the other 2 on left side now, but I would just order 1 which is the one that is just OFF, that seems to be the one 1st in series.

Here's the left side top ones:
LED Light W11462342

If they're running in series why would the first ones flicker? Shouldn't they be fine or will one of the 4th/5th somehow cause upstream issues? Trying to figure out all possible issues here. Thanks!
Because the LED that is OFF is the first one in series and that affects the others downstream, so just order and replace that one that is OFF, and the rest will work fine.:)

Hey Jake, I've only found videos on how to remove the reservoir side of the lights. Do you have a suggested video on how to change the lights on the side with the ice maker? Thanks!
Lights are on!

For anyone else coming here, you do not need to take out the ice maker in order to get to that light. Follow this video and just pop it out. Beware, they DO NOT come out easily. Thanks for all the help!!

Excellent Cory, glad to hear that left side top LED module fixed it. (y)

Thanks for the update!

I have this same problem with the top 5 lights out but the 4 sides lights working, but I am skeptical that replacing the three lights in the top right will fix the issue, unless there is something i am missing. i tested the voltage at the pins of the connector above the top panel where the three light harness plugs in and there is only 2 volts at that connector. For reference of one of the working lights, I removed the top light on the left side and that connector had 23 volts. (one seemed very high and the other very low, so i double checked them both.) I don't really want to spend $65 on a set of three lights if the problem is more likely with the control board or something else. Where is the control board located on this model? And is there a way to test that? Also, the single light in the bottom, front, center of the freezer stopped working about 2 weeks before the 5 lights in the ceiling of the fridge flickered for about one day before shutting off completely.
Do you have the exact same model number KRFF507ESS ? Please verify you do.

In Cory's post #1 swap the left side top LEDS on that side, then see if the rest of the lights come on or come on and flicker.

Where is the control board located on this model? And is there a way to test that?
It's in the back of the refrigerator, It doesn't specify the voltage, it just says--->CAVITY LIGHT (POINT LED'S) OUTPUT

Well I thought i did. What they have on the purchase order and spec sheet was the KRFF507ESS, but what they delivered 5 months later when the house construction was nearly complete was the KRFF507HPS00, according to the label inside. It looks identical to Cory's on the inside.

I swapped the two lights on the left side under the icemaker and it did not work. Nothing came on or flickered.
Thanks for posting your exact model number, I was able to pull up a service bulletin on it. What is the serial number on the model number tag say?

The service bulletin explains about the FREEZER LED, if its out the TOP REFRIGERATOR LED's will not come on either. And you mentioned your FREEZER LED was also out?

Here's the FREEZER LED for your model: W10695459

Serial Numbers Affected: K601-KX12
Possible Concern:
Customers may report that the freezer light has stopped working in certain KitchenAid, Maytag, and Whirlpool French Door Bottom Mount refrigerators. In rare circumstances, the freezer LED Module and its connector may be foamed in, requiring the additional service steps below.
NOTE: Do not force the LED Module or the wires out. It is not necessary to access the connector to service or test.
Possible Causes:
Variation in the manufacturing process may cause some freezer LED Modules to become foamed in place, making it difficult to locate the connector and remove the assembly for service.

Unplug refrigerator or disconnect power.
Remove one of the LED modules that were not lighting from the cabinet, and determine if it has a connector or if it is ‘hard-wired’ into the cabinet.

If the potentially failed LED is ‘hard-wired’ (no connector) the wires are soldered directly to the LED module, are not readily accessible, have been foamed in or the wiring is too short, continue to next step.

If the potentially failed LED modules do not have accessible connectors, a jumper needs to be placed across the 2 connection points on the potentially failed LED module. See Figure 3. The refrigerator must then be plugged back in to identify if the jumper makes the remaining lights come back on. If it does, then that would indicate the LED has failed and would need to be replaced, otherwise you will need to repeat the process for each potentially failed LED module.

@Jake , I am having the same problem as RTPatterson on my KRFF507HPS00. Referencing your post above; Is the freezer LED in series with the lights in the top of the refrigerator cabinet? Will jumping the +/- legs supply power up to the top of the fridge?
Yes, the freezer LED is in series with the TOP refrigerator LED's.

Will jumping the +/- legs supply power up to the top of the fridge?
It should per the instructions I posted above. I have not tried it yet on my local customers, because I always replace the freezer LED and it fixes the LED's in the refrigerator section too.:)

Here's the freezer LED for your model:
W10695459 Module

Just got back from inside the freezer. Yes, jumping the pins on the freezer light got the lights in the ceiling of the fridge cabinet going. I'm sure wiring it this way saves 20 - 25 cents per unit but, really, what the actual hell are they thinking? Anyhow, thanks for the direction!
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