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KRFF507ESS01 KitchenAid Fridge Not cooling, around 50 F


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Mar 9, 2011
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1-5 years
This is my favorite fridge ever.

So I had the fridge ice over issues for a years and finally got the thermistor repositioned per tech advisory to solve that issue. No more in on the fridge coil.

So I have a different issue and from searching on here, sounds like it might be a thermistor issue.

Freezer is cold, unit is making ice fine. Fridge is pretty constant at 50 F. I have not pulled and checked the resistance on the thermistor yet. I suppose that's next steps.

I ran all technician test from the attached tech sheet and passed. I pass on Test 02 RC Thermistor check. Isn't that checking the resistance? So it's technically passing so it should be good correct? Could the issue be the thermisstor is loose to the evap tubing?

I'd like to open this up once, is this a Thermistor issue? Could the control board be bad? I found a used one on ebay for $60 that wil be here tomorrow figured I would give it a shot.

one this is for sure, I'll never buy Kitchenaid again. Way too much hassle for what I paid for this thing.


  • KRFF707 Tech Sheet - W10739709 - Rev A (2).pdf
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  • Service Pointer -RefrigEvapThermistor W11092686 - Rev A.pdf
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