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KRFF507ESS01 KitchenAid Refrigerator - Icemaker Not Harvesting


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May 9, 2023
Model Number
6-10 years
I got E5 error code on Test 56, confirmed the other tests, replaced the entire ice maker, and it worked for a few days. Now, I am getting E5 again for the bad ice maker thermistor, and little to no ice being harvested. When checking the tray inside the ice maker, the ice is filling, freezing, but not harvesting. If I run the harvesting test 57, it drops a perfect batch of ice in the bin. Anyone else having this issue or have any advice to offer?
That's interesting that it worked to begin with then it quit again. What's the temperature in the ice maker compartment staying at?

Do these tests below too.

Service Test - 36: Ice Box Fan
--->Check for fan operation. Control ice box fan by selecting SW3. Display the status on Temp display. (01 = ON, 02 = OFF). Verify airflow from the ice box fan.

Service Test - 37: Ice Box Thermistor
--->The board will check the resistance value of the thermistor and display the results on the Temp display (01 = pass, 02 = open, 03 = short).

You can also do TEST 58 below check the thermistor.

Service Test - 58: Ice Maker Heater Activation and Thermistor
Press SW3 to activate the ice maker heater and to toggle between on and off.
NOTE: Digit 1 displays the state of the heater. Digit 2 displays the thermistor state.
Digit 1 (0 = ice maker heater off, 1 = ice maker heater on)
Digit 2 (0 = temperature warmer than harvest temperature, 1 = temperature cooler than harvest temperature, 2 = open, 3 = short)

Also make sure its 10 degrees F or lower at all times in the ice maker compartment or it will not make ice properly and give that error code E5.
Thank you. Tests 36 and 37 passed. For 58, I got 01 and 11, then a few minutes later I got 00 and 01.
What's the temperature in the ice maker compartment staying at?
I always use a freezer thermometer to read the real time temperature.

If you don't have freezer thermometer, get the RED Liquid or digital freezer thermometer. Walmart, Target sells them usually at about 10 dollars and they last a lifetime.:)

Or you can get a laser thermometer at Home Deport or Lowes.
Thanks. It is registering between -12° and -13°. It has been dropping between one and two trays per 24 hrs but that’s it.
Ok, that's plenty cold.

Then it sounds like the ice maker your got is faulty, contact the place where you got it from and let them know, and they should be able to send you another one free of charge.

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