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KRMF606ESS01 KitchenAid Refrigerator PO error code


Premium Member
Sep 12, 2022
North Carolina
Model Number
1-5 years
Frig is PO every five minutes. Refrigerator temp is good, however freezer is not freezing. Model KRMF606ESS01. Before this started I noticed ice build up in the freezer at the top right of the drawer. I cleaned the seal, made sure it was seating properly and had no ice after that. I've make had not made ice for about six months. Amy suggestions?
Try what @Homebuilder said here first:

@dadofnine , did you figure out what happened? I have the EXACT same model and behavior.
Before that, it started with the freezer not freezing and a technician came over and replaced what he called the power board (not the main board). We called him back and now he is saying it is the main board that needs be replaced it. So, wanting to find more assertive ways to fix then keep paying for it.
And has anyone ever reached out to KitchenAid to complain about this? Seems like it is a very common behavior based on the number of blog posts on this....

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