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KRMF706EBS00 Kitchen aid Randomly turns off


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Nov 6, 2018
Model Number
KRMF706EBS00 Randomly turns itself off. Sometimes once a day. Sometimes twice a day. Sometimes once a week. Compressor and fans are all off. No lights. The only thing on is the door ajar light on the control panel. Have to unplug it and plug it back In to get it to come on. Checked all the door switches for proper operation. Diagnostics indicates there is no issue but there definitely is. Ice maker stopped working shortly after problem arose. Ran ice maker diagnostics and it will not complete a harvest cycle. The error it produces is “motor cannot find home. Doors must be closed.” Any possibility that one of the door switches is dropping out at a particular temp? I have racked my brain on this for weeks.
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Next time it stops working make the following voltage measurements:

On the Power Supply Board, check for 120 VAC across P1-1 - P1-2. Check for 120 VAC across P1-3 - P1-4

Check fo 12.7 VDC:
P2-1 to P2-5
P2-2 to P2-6
P2-3 to P2-7
P2-4 to P2-8

On the Main Control Board, check for 120 VAC P1-1 to P1-2. Make sure all the doors are closed and measure the voltage: P2-1 to P1-2=0V P2-3 to P1-2=0V
Should I backprobe the harnesses and take readings with everything still plugged into the board? I’m assuming yes but being that this is so intermittent I want to be sure
Yes, keep everything connected. If your test leads are too big to go into the back of the connectors, use this trick:
safety pin trick.jpg
For you and others following your thread with this same model, I'm posting the links to these board below.

Here's the Power Supply Board for your model:

Here's the Main Control Board for your model:

I'm having the same problem. I was wondering if you ever managed to resolve the issue. Appreciate any help!

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