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KRMF706ESS Kitchenaid Refrigerator- PO Code error message


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Feb 11, 2022
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6-10 years
Been having issues with our KitchenAid Refrigerator for almost 6 months now. It started when it stopped making ice and flashed a PO code. After flipping the breaker it would reboot and make ice again, this would happen every 2-3 weeks. As time went on the time between each PO code got smaller and smaller to the point where it is every 7 minutes. The Refrigerator will shut off and then reboot, show the PO code followed by beeping. The top fridge part isnt nearly as cold as it should be, the two drawers labeled "produce" and "meats/drinks/etc" are the coldest areas of the whole unit as things will actually start to freeze in these drawers. The freezer drawer has partially thawed everything.

With our breaker flipping not helping we called in an appliance mechanic. After inspection he didn't think anything was wrong with the cooling but suggested we order two parts:
Refrigerator Power Control Board- WPW10624574 and Refrigerator LED Power board W10804160

Parts came in and were installed by appliance mechanic. However the problem persists. The only difference is the amount of time between failure has increased from 7 minutes to about 15-20.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Some members have been saying it could be a short in the Fresh food fan motor.

Look here:

Disconnect your FF(fresh food) fan motor and see if the PO error messages stop.

Your model uses that exact same FRESH FOOD EVAPORATOR FAN MOTOR.

Here's the FRESH FOOD EVAPORATOR FAN MOTOR for your model:
Evaporator Fan Motor W11087438

There is a video in the FRESH FOOD EVAPORATOR FAN MOTOR part link that shows you how to access it.

We purchased the Fresh Food Evaporator Fan Motor. Unplugged fridge took everything out, at the back of the fridge there was a tremendous amount of ice build up over the coils and the wiring of the the whole evaporator fan set up. After letting it thaw we replaced it with the new part. Things seemed to be working much better, the fridge is colder, it’s certainly not as noisy, and it went 25-30 minutes without any PO code. However unfortunately the PO code is back about every 10 minutes or so.

This fridge currently is running with a brand new power control board, led board, and now a evaporator fan motor and it still is flashing PO. Is there anything else we can try? The freezer maybe? Everything in the freezer continues to thaw if left in there. Also the ice machine hasn’t made ice in months so maybe that’s the culprit? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I don't know what else it could be, sorry.

Its best to have KitchenAid come out at 800-422-1230 and see why this is happening.


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