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FIXED KRMF706ESS01 - Fridge doesn't cool, freezer works fine.


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Feb 6, 2023
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6-10 years
Hi all, I can see this seems to be a common problem just doing some basic reading on this site. Using other threads on this site, I have my unit apart with some new parts ordered. However, now that its open I would like to share some pics and get some opinions. My dad bought this unit brand new about 6-7 years ago and just recently had this problem. He ordered a new fridge and was going to scrap this one before I got ahold of it to fix. As mentioned in the thread title, he said the freezer worked fine but the fridge would not cool, and if it did it wasn't cool enough. I have ordered a new evaporator fan motor. In the attached pics it appears something may have gotten hot, melted? Not entirely sure what I'm looking at here. I would hate to close it back up just to turn around and have to take it apart again. Thoughts?


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I guess what I am really asking is, based on the above pictures, does it appear that I need order additional parts?
No, you don't need anymore parts.

The manufacturers will sometime use a piece of permagum (plumbers putty) around the cap tube and muffler where refrigerant enters the evaporator. It's an added layer of sound protection to keep the sound (if any) of refrigerant boiling (gurgling) to a minimum. You can leave it off without any problems or you can warm it up to room temperature and remold it around the same spot.

--->Its better to leave it off, in case it drips down again.
Ok great, Thanks for the insight Jake. Once the new fan motor comes in I will post an update.
Ok, sounds good.

Here's the FRESH FOOD EVAPORATOR FAN MOTOR for your model:
Evaporator Fan Motor W11087438

For others following this thread--->There is a video in the FRESH FOOD EVAPORATOR FAN MOTOR part link that shows you how to access it.
New evaporator fan motor arrived. Installed yesterday morning and both the fridge, and freezer have been holding within 3 degrees or so of selected temp. No fault codes. Problem solved.
Excellent, glad to hear new evaporator fan motor fixed it.(y)

Thanks for the update!
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