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KRMF706ESS01 Kitchen aid not cooling or freezing.


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Feb 17, 2023
Model Number
1-5 years
I have a KitchenAid five door KRMF706ESS01 I bought used about two years ago. I initially replaced the power circuit board I believe which is the top one because the lights didn’t work and it has worked great ever since. Now all of a sudden it stopped cooling and freezing. At the same time. I installed a new main circuit board that did not fix it. Then I installed a new inverter that did not fix it. The fan next to the compressor runs fine. The compressor seems to run fine when the inverter clicks the compressor turns on it does not seem like it’s too hot and I tested the compressor for continuity and that tested good. I am stumped at this point. Please help.
Yes everything seems to be running fine, just not cooling or freezing.. compressor is running also.
If the compressor is running and no cooling is taking place that always indicates a sealed system problem.

The sealed system consists of the compressor, condenser, evaporator, heat exchanger, filter/drier and refrigerant.

Common problems with a sealed system are bad compressors, refrigerant leaks, and system restrictions. Sealed system repair costs will often exceed the machines value.
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