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KRMF706ESS01 KitchenAid Fridge intermittently not cooling completely


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Jun 18, 2019
Pawleys Island, SC
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1-5 years
I have an infrequently recurring issue with this fridge not cooling down completely.

First question, though, I have the temps set at the recommended levels of 0d for the freezer and 37d for the fridge. Right now it unit is at 28d in the freezer and 42d in the fridge. Since this latest issue started yesterday, the freezer has been down to 18d and the fridge up to 45d. Is it reasonable to expect this unit to hold the recommended temps?

- This has happened 2 times before. Both times after the warranty expired (of course). And we live outside of a normal service area. It can take a week or more to get an appointment.
- Primary warning sign is the ice maker stops making ice.
- Normally fridge is very quiet except for a fan sound when the right fridge door is open, shuts off when the left door is opened. When this issue happens, the fridge makes a slightly different sound: constant louder hum that occasionally sounds like it is grinding. It may shut off for a few seconds but comes back on.
- Fridge is located in a fridge cabinet with 1/2” space each side and 2” clearance above.
- We vacuum everything we can reach underneath (we have 2 dogs that shed.) Also pulled the unit out and removed the back panel. It wasn’t all that dusty but I vac’d everything I could reach. I did observe the fan near the compressor running. This didn’t make a difference this time.
- In the past I will turn the breaker off for an hour then turn it back on. This usually “resets” it and it works normally....until it decides to stop again. I haven’t done this yet

This fridge is barely 3 years old. We love it, but this issue is driving us crazy.

I’m a reasonably handy diy-er, not great with electricity but I do have a multimeter.

Thanks for any suggestions or help!
Also, just ran ALL of the Service Test diagnostics via the ice maker buttons and wrote down all the codes. Don’t have a clue of what they mean, except test 1-5 thanks to another thread. Pic attached.


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The freezer is way too warm, normal should ALWAYS be 0 to 10 degrees in the freezer at ALL times.:)

Take some stuff out of the freezer and look and feel the back panel inside the freezer for thick frost build-up on the back panel inside the freezer.

If no frost build-up then you have a sealed system problem, and only a licensed KitchenAid tech. can fix that. You may also have a sealed system warranty on it for 5 years, check your owners manual warranty.

Hi Jake and THANKS for the quick weekend reply. I shut the power off at around 1pm for a couple of hours. I just checked the temp and I’m at 43d in the fridge and 28d in the freezer. The “grindy” hum (like a computer fan with something hitting the blade) is much more pronounced in the freezer compartment.

I looked in the freezer compartment but don’t see an easy way to get to the rear of the freezer compartment without removing the drawers. I’ll tackle that project after church tomorrow. Good news is we’ve moved most of our stuff to our big freezer.

Just to clarify, per your response, if there IS frost buildup that is visible and touchable, then the unit is operating correctly? If NO frost, I have a sealed system failure/issue that only a certified tech can diagnose and fix?

I’ve read a ton of threads on similar problems (though none exactly like mine), but haven’t heard a sealed system issue referenced.

I’ll DEFINITELY check to see if it is under warranty. The issue you mention sounds terminally expensive.

I’ll let you know what I find tomorrow.
Just to clarify, per your response, if there IS frost buildup that is visible and touchable, then the unit is operating correctly?
If there is thick frost build-up on it, then you have a auto-defrost problem, and that's fairly easy to resolve.

Good evening Jake,

See attached pics. So there are 2 spots of frost built up on each side of the back along with the L-shaped frost build up on the “ceiling” of the freezer compartment. When I felt the back of the freezer area, it didn’t feel deformed (like it was full of ice) but I suppose it was slightly “crunchy.” See 2 attached pics. 2nd pic is of the floor of the freezer.

A new ghost has popped up. As mentioned above, I flipped the breaker off yesterday for a couple of hours. Well, this afternoon the ice maker displayed “PF” so my bride confirmed it. And it came back 3 times and was confirmed 3 times. I flipped the breaker off for about 1.5 hours. Now it is flashing “PO”...over and over and over. Oh, and it’s beeping. Even after “confirming” it keeps coming back. Clearly, “PF” means power failure. Does “PO” mean p***ed off? 😂. Sorry, gotta laugh at this point.

I appreciate your help!


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That's very strange, I've never seen frost in those areas like that before.

PO=Power Outage

That's another issue you are having, multiple problems are very difficult to fix just on the forum here.

You will need to have KitchenAid come out to see what's going on. Contact KitchenAid at 1-800-422-1230 to have a tech. sent out.

Thanks Jake. I have a certified KA tech coming out today. But, of course, wouldn’t you know it, I check temps this morning and it cooled down overnight to 0d FC and 37d RC. AND, it’s dumped it’s first load of ice.

Driving me CRAZY!

I guess the Tech will be able to run other diagnostics to see what is happening? I’ve called them to let them know that it’s now running per spec.
Wait, when it does not cool properly is the compressor and fans all running? Or is everything dead silent and nothing is running?

Ok, because if the refrigerator was dead silent and nothing running, then it would more likely be the control board as the culprit.

But since its running and not cooling, its more likely a sealed system problem.


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